Your Miccosukee chickee hut will be built by the owners and his team associates, not subcontractors. We'll be with you from start to finish, with NO Brokers, from design and planning through completion. We use top-grade pressure-treated cypress posts with a three-year no drip warranty. We only use new, green posts lumber to eliminate the risk of termites that is common with older or used posts. The thatch roof will be constructed using full Sabal palm fronds grown in Florida, not cheaper and less weather-resistant varieties or partial fronds used by some of our competitors.  Our Tiki huts are wind and rain resistant and allow hot air to escape, providing cool shade during even the hottest months. Even with the extreme Florida weather, you can expect your Miccosukee Chickee hut thatch roof to last over a decade without maintenance. Most of our competitors’ roofs last less than five years.

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The Miccosukee Chickee Huts Team, is comprised of the most reknown designers and installers in the Tiki industry, in South Florida. We've now come together to bring you the same quality and value we've built before but with no 

Brokers before us. We have what it takes to build you your dreams.

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